The mission of the Stop Krwotokom Foundation is to train people who, thanks to the acquired ability to effectively stop external hemorrhages that are life-threatening, will be able to provide first aid to the injured at the scene with the help of quickly and easily available Stop Hemorrhages kits. Thanks to the generally available Stop Hemorrhages kits in public places, public transport and vehicles of emergency services, we will provide victims of attacks or accidents with comprehensive first aid at the scene. We will equip with Stop Hemorrhages kits: – vehicles of intervention services – schools and universities – means of public transport – shopping centers – communication stations – airports – offices and state institutions. We will train: – police officers and city guards – teachers and employees of schools and universities – drivers of public transport vehicles – employees of offices and state institutions – security employees .With the development of the Stop Hemorrhage Foundation, we will appoint regional coordinators whom we will equip with training equipment, thanks to which the training will become widely available for everyone willing. This will allow the dissemination of knowledge and the ability to effectively stop life-threatening external hemorrhages in the society throughout the country. An integral part of the project will be a free application for mobile devices, thanks to which it will be possible to quickly and easily locate the nearest Stop Hemorrhages set.


We will equip and train all the officers who serve on the front lines every day, putting their health and life at risk. We want each of them to be aware that by caring for him, we appreciate his service to us. That is why the Stop Krwotokom Foundation wants to equip the following officers with individual medical kits (clamp, hemostatic gauze, occlusive dressing, nasopharyngeal tube, gloves) of the following officers: – Police, Municipal / Communal Guard, Border Guard, Railway Protection Service, State Road Transport Inspection.