Stop Krwotokom

The seat is Ochojno, Świątniki Górne commune, Krakow poviat, Lesser Poland voivodship.



32-040 OCHOJNO


Through training, the Stop Krwotokom  will try to make the public aware of the need to react and act appropriately in emergencies and unexpected situations. Anyone can become a participant or witness to an event – the first rescuer. Simple actions preceded by an appropriate assessment of the situation will result in an increase in survival among the injured. Proper management with the use of certified equipment guarantees effective assistance to the injured and increases their chances of survival. The key element is the fastest and proper reaction of the witnesses – the first rescuers at the scene. Stopping a life-threatening external hemorrhage using a hemostatic dressing or a tourniquet is quick, simple and effective. Due to the increasing probability of a mass event in Poland as a result of the intentional action of the perpetrator, the second primary goal of the Stop Hemorrhage  is the deployment of certified kits for stopping life-threatening external hemorrhages in generally accessible public places. Training as many people as possible in combination with quickly and easily available Stop Hemorrhage kits gives a chance to save the maximum number of victims.