Because only more tragic than bleeding death is bleeding death that can be stopped.

On April 20, 1999, there was a tragic shootout at Columbine High School. In early May of the same, another school tragedy took place in another part of Denver in that city. Two of the attackers entered the school and one of them opened fire on the students during the lesson. After the shooting at the press conference, the district attorney stated: “[..] if anyone suggested to anyone behind me or in this room that within twenty years within twenty miles we would have to deal with the Columbine High School shootout, the Aurora cinema shootout, the shooting at Arapohe High School, the death of one, and the wounding of four sheriff’s deputies, we’d consider him insane, and yet we found ourselves in this situation again. [..] “The horrific execution in Cristchurh, the shooting in Las Vegas, the Oslo bombing and the Utoya island youth massacre confirm that such attacks can happen anytime, anywhere. Each of us can become a victim or witness of an attack – the first rescuer at the scene. Time is crucial in assisting those injured who suffer from life-threatening external haemorrhages. A perfect example is the bomb attack during the Boston marathon, in which participants and fans became victims and the first rescuers at the scene. Some of them knew how to react properly, but they had to improvise to help the injured because they did not have fast and readily available clamps, hemostatic gas and bandages that could effectively stop life-threatening external bleeding. Unfortunately, what we have known so far from the media has become our reality. Earlier this year, the president of Gdańsk was murdered in front of the whole country. In May, the worldwide month of stop hemorrhages, a series of tragic events took place in Poland. The deadly attack of a cutthroat in a Warsaw school, a murder at a public transport stop in Poznań, an attempted murder of a policeman in Busko-Zdrój and a shooting at a school in Brześć Kujawski have clearly demonstrated the need to disseminate in Polish society the ability to effectively stop external life-threatening hemorrhages. That is why, inspired by the American government’s Stop the Bleed program initiated by President Barack Obama, we decided to establish the Stop the Bleed Foundation. The main goals of the foundation are; disseminating in Polish society the ability to effectively stop life-threatening external haemorrhages and to deploy in public places quickly and easily accessible Stop Hemorrhages kits. Each of us or our relatives may become a victim or witness of an attack – the first rescuer at the scene. Learning to properly control life-threatening external bleeding is simple, quick, and effective. The course lasts less than one hour.