prof. Waldemar Machała supports the activities of the Stop Krwotokom Foundation

It is with great satisfaction that we present support for the Stop Hemorrhages trainings, an unquestioned authority in the field of emergency medicine, anaesthesiology and intensive care by prof. Waldemar Machała: Hemorrhages (mainly from the limbs) are one of the three causes of death of injured injured people (apart from airway obstruction and hypertensive pneumothorax). Stopping bleeding in such conditions is a priority, as confirmed by the [C (bf) ABC] algorithm. C (bf) – this is of course control bleeding first. This means that saving a seriously injured person should begin with stopping the haemorrhage, even in circumstances where no signs of life were found. Only then should you proceed to saving life or undertaking cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Tactical (but not limited to) external bleeding is not particularly complicated. All you need to do is: * Awareness of the phenomenon (sometimes, unfortunately, it is not obvious) * Skills (preferably acquired during the training) * Equipment, including: – Tactical stains (tightening bands) – Haemostatic dressings ( haemostatic gauze / hemostatic powder in applicators) that can stop the bleeding after a few minutes of compression. Additionally, hemostatic gauze is used to fill the wound canal (packing) or cover the tissue defect. Importantly, it should not be used within the nervous structures and eyes. – Devices that block (compress) large vascular trunks, such as JETT. The answer to the question whether it is worth acquiring these skills can only be one …, WORTH.